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  • DDB Chicago's Capital One Work Stars Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley - Screenmag

    DDB Chicago's Capital One Work Stars Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley
    DDB Chicago recently partnered with Captial One, the WhiteHouse Post and Filmworkers for a new campaign that follows Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and Charles Barkley on their way to the Final Four.…

    The humorous campaign includes TV, online videos, digital activations, social activations, contests and on-site activity in Houston. In “Best Friends,” one of four :30 spots, Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee anxiously wait in front of Charles Barkley’s home, eager to embark on their second Road to the Final Four trip. But when Barkley emerges, wearing a carbon copy of Spike’s outfit, the trio knows they’re in for another ridiculous journey.

    Watch "Best Friends" here.

    This year’s “March Madness" campaign, a reprise of the CLIO-winning “Road to the Final Four,” doesn't stop with one spot but dives deeper into Sam, Spike and Charles’s antics in three other spots, "Nicknames," "Escape" and "Change."


    Agency: DDB Chicago

    Client: Capital One

    EVP, Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham

    Group Creative Director, AD: Mike Ackerman

    Group Creative Director, CW: Travis Parr

    Associate Creative Directors, AD: Brant Herzer, Michael Rosenthal

    Associate Creative Directors, CW: Tyler Campbell, Carlos Rangel

    AD: Brittany Druker

    CW: Sean Collander

    EVP, Director Integrated Production: Diane Jackson

    Executive Producer: Will St.Clair

    Associate Producer: Jakub Zajaczkowski

    Production Manager: Polly Poulos

    Talent/Music Manager: Linda Bres

    SVP, Integrated Brand Leader: Chris Pultorak

    Account Director: Suzanne Stovall

    Account Supervisor: Betsy Leonard

    Strategy Director: Josh Drueck

    Director: Spike Lee

    Production Company: Pony Show

    Editing Company: WhiteHouse Post

    Editors: Meg Kubicka, Brian Gannon

    Executive Producer: Kristin Branstetter

    Producer: Dawn Guzowski

    Finishing/Visual Effects: Filmworkers/Churchill Studios

    Executive Producer: Derek DeBoard

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Rob Churchill

    Colorist: Fred Keller

    Audio Engineer: Nick Papaleo

    Music: "Escape" by Rupert Holmes

  • Filmworkers’ Knack for Developing Talent Continues with Colorists Jeff Altman and Matt Harger

    Altman grades eSports documentary, “All Work All Play”; Harger to grade indie feature “Who Gets the Dog?” …

    CHICAGO—August 17, 2015— Filmworkers has a tradition for developing post-production talent and now it has two new stars in the making. Young colorists Jeff Altman and Matt Harger are producing standout work, and developing strong followings among local agencies and filmmakers for their enthusiasm, knowledge of digital cameras from the Alexa to the iPhone, and their ability to quickly work with clients to reach desired creative goals.

    “Jeff and Matt bring fresh eyes and new ideas and our clients are responding,” says Filmworkers president Reid Brody. Brody adds that the recent arrival of veteran colorist Craig Leffel has also provided a boost. “We’ve built the strongest, most diverse color department in the market.”
    Altman joined Filmworkers earlier this year after two-years coloring at Color Collective in New York. His latest project, All Work All Play, is a documentary about the rising phenomenon of video game competitions or “eSports.” It will be the subject of special theater screenings across the United States and internationally later this month. Directed by Patrick Creadon, a two-time nominee for a Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, the doc centers on players participating in the Intel Extreme Masters, a global professional esports tournament, and the growing legion of fans devoted to the sport.

    All Work All Play will screen July 21st in theaters across North America and in Europe on July 30th. The event will also include a Q&A with the filmmakers as well as a live-streamed “eSports showdown” featuring top competitors. Other screenings and events are planned throughout the summer.

    Creadon was enthusiastic about the results. "I loved working with Jeff and the team at Filmworkers,” he says. “Jeff has a terrific eye and he’s also really chill. That helps a lot when you hit the 26th mile of the project.”

    Harger, meanwhile, is a home-grown talent. He joined Filmworkers straight out of school and began his career as a dailies colorist working on feature projects served by the company’s film lab. His credits include The Dark Knight and Wanted among others. Over the past few years, he has transitioned to a finishing colorist for commercials and earned high marks from local advertising agencies for his creative flair and discerning eye. His latest efforts include campaigns for Mexico Tourism out of Lapiz, Chicago, (centering on Cabo San Lucas and its recovery from last year’s hurricane) and for McDonald’s via Burrell. Harger is also set to perform final color for Who Gets the Dog?, the latest feature from Reid Brody’s 2DS Productions, starring Alicia Silverstone, directed by Huck Botko and shot by cinematographer Joseph White.

  • Filmworkers Supplies the Creative Spark for Elegant "Misfit" Campaign

    Facility provides turnkey services for new multi-platform lifestyle ads for the stylish fitness tracker.…

    CHICAGO-November 21, 2014- In a true, tour de force effort, Filmworkers, in association with 2DS Productions, has produced an elegant and inspired advertising campaign for Misfit, a wearable fitness tracker with a sleek design.
    The new internet and in-store ads consist of lifestyle footage of active people using the button-sized device, which can be worn like a piece of jewelry, while engaged in laser tag, rock climbing, diving and other extreme sports. Shot in various locations along the California coast, the imagery is stunning and shows off the features of the device in an organic and unobtrusive manner. Misfit's technical functions are further underscored by distinctive 3D graphics that animate over the live action. The accompanying voiceover speaks directly to people who "set forth to scale mountains, to dive to the darkest depths of the sea" and asks them, "Do you accept the challenge".
    Filmworkers produced the campaign from a concept developed by 2DS Productions and director Aram Rappaport. The idea was to make Misfit stand out from other fitness monitoring devices by highlighting its stylishness. "It looks like a fashion accessory," explains 2DS Productions' Bill Ryan. "We're selling a lifestyle as much as a product."
    Rappaport's script for an initial 2-minute in-store ad was approved by Misfit's marketing team and the project went into production in California four days later. In the interim, the production team worked to locate more than a dozen real-life extreme athletes. "YouTube was a big help," Rappaport notes. "A producer tracked down a skate crew that I had referenced in a video. They turned out to be Naval Academy guys and skateboarding was their weekend hobby. We found a 20-year-old kid who did loops in his plane. We then traveled from L.A. to San Francisco to Santa Ana to get all the shots. Production spanned four days."
    Editorial, graphics design, animation and post production were all completed at Filmworkers' facility in Chicago. Creative Director Daniel Pernikoff led the design team in creating graphics elements that included 3D animations, showing the inner components of the Misfit device, that literally pop out of the live action. "We wanted the graphics to be simple, but beautiful, and integrated seamlessly into the piece," Pernikoff says. Our aim was to draw attention to the functions of the device, without simply calling out "Hey, this is waterproof."
    Producer Casey Swircz notes that the project utilized virtually every aspect of Filmworkers' creative services. "It was a very collaborative project," she says. "We were really pleased with how well everyone worked together and our ability to take the project from beginning to end."

    Filmworkers is located at 232 E. Ohio St. Penthouse, Chicago, IL 60611. For more information, call (312) 664-9333 or visit


    Client: Misfit. Tim Golnick, Vice President/Product and Design; Julie Golnick, Senior Manager/Visual Design; John Blet; Senior Associate/Marketing.

    Production & Post: Filmworkers. Derek de Board, Executive Producer; Casey Swircz, Producer; Aram Rappaport, Director; Daniel Pernikoff, Senior Art Director; Drew Parks, Lead 3D Artist; Rob Churchill - Creative Director; Michael Anderson; Flame Artist; Fred Keller - Colorist